Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Medical Massage Practitioner 

has practiced Massage Therapy since 1982, is Licensed in New York and Connecticut, and is a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. 

"When I'm doing Massage work  I feel most like my true self; it is when I know I am on a path  a heart. When I see changes for my clients - reduced pain, increased freedom of movement, less muscle tension, fading Trigger Points, etc. - I am getting back as much as I am giving."

With more than 36 years experience, he has worked successfully with a wide range of clients, and with many conditions. He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute, College of Massage Therapy and Allied Health Sciences in New York City, the oldest continuously operating school for Massage Therapists. 


  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • NY State Society of Medical Massage Therapists
  • Science of Massage Institute


Since 1982, the mission of Well Being Massage Therapy has been to offer every client the highest quality Massage Therapy customized to meet your unique needs. The approach is Scince based. Intuitive and Wholisitc.  There are no "One Size Fits All" treatments here. 

Techniques are chosen based on your needs from a wide range of modalities, including Neuromuscular and Myofascial and Trigger Point therapies, among others. Hot and cold packs (hydrotherapy) are used as needed. Stretching and joint mobilization techniques may be used where appropriate. All designed to support you on the Journey to Wellness.

Well Being Massage Therap offer only science based, research driven treatments. so called "Spa treatments," aromatherapy, Hot Stone massage, and other unscientific gimmicks have no place in my practice.


A Wholisitc and Wellness approach includes supporting your body, mind and spirit. 

Therefore you may be offered suggestions for managing your physical condition, supporting your nutritional wellness, prevention and managing your stress. 

Getting a massage regularly is a great idea, and can be an integral part of your Wellness regime, but often not enough to reach your Wellness goals. 

In addition to Massage Therapy, Consultation on Nutritional Supplementation and Stress Management is available on an individual basis and in workshops and presentations offered from time to time.


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Nick did a great job working on those areas, and did so with a *therapeutic* approach ... not just a relaxing approach, even though this is the kind of massage I had paid for versus a medical massage. He worked on these areas with the perfect pressure, so that I wasn't sore the next day -- and even showed me some therapeutic exercises to do, to help keep me relaxed / not tight. He's got healing hands, a very friendly demeanor, and the space has great energy.

Brenda K.